Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Risk Assessments taken out & measures put in place to maximise the safety of customers travelling onboard our vehicles,or vehicles hired in, against Covid-19.


Risk Assessment

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Taylor Travel has always put safety as its number one priority and right now, this is more important than ever as we continue to operate during these uncertain times.

Things may be a little different but ensuring safety and well-being always comes first and we want our customers to be confident and feel secure when travelling with us, and our staff to have peace of mind when at work.

This article provides a summary assessment of our approach to reducing the risk to our customers, colleagues and others affected by our operations across the United Kingdom of contracting Covid-19 when travelling or working with us.

In determining appropriate control measures, we have followed relevant Government guidance and will continue to review these measures as this develops.



We have consulted and taken feedback from a number of key stakeholders:

  • Government bodies including the Department for Transport, Public Health England and Transport for London
  • Trade and industry bodies including CPT (Confederation for PassengerTransport UK)
  • Colleague and management representative bodies
  • Our partner operators
  • Suppliers andcontractors

This has assisted us in designing and implementing the controls which are summarised below.


Risk Controls

We have implemented a number of key risk controls across our vehicle fleet as follows...

Social Distancing

  • Signage, posters and onboard announcements to control social distancing standards where necessary.
  • Social distance measures are maintained between driver and passengers.
  • Seating and floor signage to indicate where customers cannot sit, or can not walk past at certain times
  • Drivers issued with masks or visor to ensure further protection when in close proximity with customers
  • Limiting the capacity of all coaches to 50% when on private hire with no bubble or household groups and asking passengers to only sit in window seats with aisle seats blocked and fill vehicles from the back and empty from the front where possible to reduce interaction
  • Drivers will alight the vehicle where possible when passengers are boarding or disembarking to reduce interaction


Cleaning and personal hygiene

  • Enhanced cleaning regimes and increased frequency of cleaning touchpoints
  • The introduction of regular aerosol-based disinfection with a high-performance antiviral solution - sometimes called ‘fogging’ - onboard vehicles
  • Mandatory requirement for customers to wear a face-covering when onboard the vehicle; unless part of an exempt group, bubble or has a medical condition preventing this
  • Hand sanitiser available onboard all of our vehicles
  • Disposable gloves, face masks and visors available to all colleagues
  • Rigorous sales process to ensure that all of the above measures are understood and accepted by the party before booking any vehicle with us.


Managing customers, colleagues and partners

  • Management structures allow oversight and regular supervision of these control measures
  • Management teams are briefed and or trained on the relevant guidelines
  • A monitoring programme to ensure compliance with risk controls
  • Communication via briefings, posters, announcements and additional training before coming back to work for staff
  • Temperature screening of customers before allowing travel
  • Staggered work patterns to minimise staff interaction
  • Shielding of extremely vulnerable and vulnerable colleagues
  • Colleagues working from home, wherever possible
  • Contractor control processes in place


Risk evaluation and results

Based on our evaluation of the current controls, the risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) are reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable within our depot and vehicles

This document will be updated as and when new government guideline legislation requires us to do so.